Monday, 16 June 2014

Marketing Plan of Phyto Science

Phyto Science always make sure benefits and rewards are being given to every members who work hard for the company.   Phyto Science never fails to keep its promise.
This is the regular packages that the company offers.  From time to time Phyto Science offers promotion with great value.  So don't forget to come and visit the website and grab the opportunity. 
Lets have a look at fast tract bonus which consist of:

a) Referral Bonus (RB).   The company pays every member 40% of the product point (PP) at realtime for every package purchased.
For example, If you bought Silver package you become a Silver member.  If you have downline, the company pays you of the following according to the package purchased by your downline:
Silver   -   250 PP * 40% = RM100.00 (USD30)
Gold     - 1,500PP * 40% = RM300.00 (USD88)
Mobile - 5,000PP * 40% = RM600.00(USD176)
For Gold member, you will get even more:
Silver   = RM     100.00 (USD30)
Gold     = RM     600.00 (USD176)
Mobile  = RM 1,000.00 (USD294)
If you are a mobile member, Phyto Science is generous even more:

 Silver   = RM     100.00 (USD30)
Gold     = RM     600.00 (USD176)
Mobile  = RM 2,000.00 (USD588) 
b) Pass Up Referral Bonus.  Mobile and Gold members will get pass up referral bonuses from silver downline.

c) Pairing Bouns 1 (PB) : 50% of Referral Bonus
d)  Pairing Bonus 2 (PB).  After a member meets the maximum pairing per day in pairing bonus 1, the balance pairs in a day will be carry forward to pairing 2.
For Silver, a 5% of your PP will be given to you with a maximum of 24 pairs/day.
For example : 250 PP x 5% = RM 12.50 x 24 = RM 300.00
For Gold, 6% of PP is allocated with a maximum of 200 pairs/day.
For example : 250 PP x 6% = RM 15.00 x 200 = RM 3,000/day
For Mobile, 9% of PP is allocated with unlimited number of pairs/day.
For example : 250 PP x 9% = RM 22.50 x 1000 = RM 22,500
e)  Key In Bonus.  Every member you register in the system, the company pays you according to the package purchased by your downline.

f)  Unilevel Bonus and Matching Bonus: 

For more details please

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